Moving on

Hello all,

Some of you may have already seen the news elsewhere, but after 3 years of operating as ‘Bridge Music Agency’ I have decided to call it a day. It has been great at times, but with the success of Midnight Skyracer this summer I have been unable to keep on top of touring in several bands as well as being booking agent for all of them and others. The number of gigs I’ve managed to book this year have unfortunately taken a hit as a result so it is time to move on.

So, moving forward, I’m very excited that Ant Miles and Jo Elkington at Fancourt Music will be taking on all the bands that my sister, Charlotte, and I play in, which were the bulk of this agency. Ant and Jo are so much more organised and efficient than I could ever be, so I know this is going to be a far better arrangement for all those bands!

Here’s all the contact information for Fancourt Music.

01454 773424
ANT MILES (DIRECTOR) – agent for Midnight Skyracer
07837 881941
JO ELKINGTON (AGENT) – agent for Cardboard FoxThe Carrivick SistersKieran Towers & Charlotte Carrivick
07736 625335

For any American/Canadian acts I was working with on the occasional tour, you are best off contacting the bands directly through their various websites.

If I’m part way through dealing with you on something, don’t worry, we can still carry on as normal. I’m tailing off the work rather than coming to a complete stop!

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask – 07769831236 or

I will also still be carrying on promoting gigs locally to me in Bradford-on-Avon. The next one is the wonderful The Honey Dewdrops at the West Barn on the 31st of January. In future, that’s what I’ll be using this facebook page for – you’ll see a name change soon.

Thanks so much to all the very kind and helpful promoters I have got to know over the years of doing this. Your support (and at times patience!) has always been greatly appreciated. I hope to see you in the not too distant future, but just as a member of the band next time!